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Always want safe and good water for healthy life

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Always want safe and good water for healthy life

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Water Delivery

Areas where clean drinking water is a scarce resource.

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Why Choose Us ?

We provide the continual delivery of superior technical support while simultaneously providing industry leading customer.


Filling Large & Small Size bottled

We believe in making drinking water fun and helping you and your family. Whatever you’re doing, we have the bottle for you!


piped water services

We are proud to share our expertise on what it takes to provide our communities with reliable services, optimal customer care and deliver the best value in water and wastewater management.


Residential water pipelines

Tabaarak Water supply company is focused on a local impact. We aim to not only serve communities in Mogadishu, we pride ourselves on being an active partner within our communities.


Water tank

We specialize in the cleaning and disinfecting of water storage tanks, including underground cisterns. We take the dirtiest of the dirtiest and make it pristine..